Darren Mullen - Adocate from Kansas, gets to see DC w/out a ToH bike under him (okay - and he's not tired from riding across the US either)

Darren examines the pavé near the National Gallery of Art

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

Darren does a rubbing of a fallen Wichita, KS officer.

The rubbing comes through...

It was National Law Enforcement Officers Week so Honor Guards were in town from all over the US to stand post; this group is from Texas.

On the walk back to the hotel, we passed the J. Edgar Hoover FBI building.

And the Old Post office building along Pennsylvania Avenue.

A view back down Pennsylvania Avenue, showing our focus for Wednesday!

A wider view showing a plaza that has L'Enfant's grand plan for DC laid out in the pavers... along with quotes from famous Americans.

CCC Dinner, Will, Jerry and Angie Kelly

Scott Joy, Steven Bourke and Darren Mullen

Jeanie, Tom, and Jim

Tom DeBaun, the side of Jim Owen's head, Garrett Rush-Miller and the side of Eric Miller.

Our LIVESTRONG Day training location.

Packet pickup - all the 'Ask' info you ever wanted...

Mitch Stoller, President and CEO of the LAF addresses the Advocates.

Doug Ulman, Chief Mission Officer has his turn at the mic.

One of the breakout sessions

Mitch Stoller at the LAF LIVESTRONG Day Reception on Capitol Hill

Lance addresses the gathering.

Representative Clay Shaw from Florida speaks about his cancer experience.

Senator John Kerry listens to the presentation...

...then gets his turn to speak to the crowd.

Advocate Darren Mullen with Mitch Stoller

A gathering of Advocates on the way to lunch near Union Station.

And again, just in case the last shot hadn't turned out...

Advocates and Survivors in yellow waiting for the press event to begin.

Lance speakikng during the press event.

Some of the advocates, while Lance and Dennis Cavner listen to Tamika Felder, an Advocate from DC.

Will Swetnam and Darren Mullen in the sea of yellow behind Lance

The Texas Advocates: Cathleen Godwin, Will Swetnam and Michelle Cho