Okay - so this photo wasn't from the actual Gala, it is from the LS Gala Trek Travel trip that Chris Hornbeek took... Here she is w/ Lance who rode with them that day.

The next day, Kevin Livingston (former LA teammate on US Postal, finished his career with T-Mobile) was the celeb of the day.

Will with Linda Armstrong Kelly.

Chris with our own Cb...

Will with Sally Reed

From the left, it is Heidi Adams (founder of Planet Cancer), Brandon Hayes-Lattin (CCCer, ToH alum, and all around good guy), and Will

Chris with Bob Roll

Evan Handler speaking. Sorry for the fuzziness... I'm still learning the modes of my new camera, seems it focused on a person close...

Lance welcomes President Bill Clinton. Darn focus...

President Bill Clinton during his remarks to the crowd.

A theme to the dessert? It was all edible and very tasty...

Will with Evan Handler, the featured speaker of the evening. His most recent role was that of the bald jewish lawyer in Sex in the City on HBO. He is also an AML Survivor (16 years, I believe), and author of 'Time on Fire, My Comedy of Terrors'

Mark (a new CCCer that night), Chris and Bob Roll

Mark and Chris chat with Linda Armstrong Kelly