Carolyn Dallas, wife of CCCer Brian Dallas, on the bus to the Peloton Project dinner site with Will.

CCCer (and LAF Regional Mentor) Brian Dallas playing bus monitor / tour guide

The dinner is held on the property of a trash dump (really!) and is also a wild game preserve.

There are zebra hiding in the treeline...

Not so well hidden buffalo...

okay... a down right obvious one.

CCCer Jim Owens and his wife Barbara (both Yellow Jersey members). Jim was also one of the 2004 Tour of Hope riders.

Okay, a better pic of them w/ the amazing Texas sunset behind them.

Jeanne Bartolucci; CCCer and 04 ToH rider Brandon Hayes-Lattin; and CCCer Steve Bartolucci

Wandering entertainment provided by a cowbow who flipped his guns, did lariat tricks, and could even do the old snip the rope, tie a knot in it, and make it whole again trick... here he entertains CCCers Brandon Hayes-Lattin and Steve Bartolucci.  The guy had non stop banter in the form of one-liners...

Barb Owens, and her hubby Jim.

Brian Dallas, a friend of theirs (Bri - let me know her name and I'll replace this), and Carolyn Dallas.

Lance on stage as Bob Roll emcees the evenings presentations.

Pam Whitehead receives the 2004 Lori A. Tilton Triumph Award.

Robin Williams entertains the crowd.  During some earlier comments to crowd, Lance referred to Robin as his furry friend...

Lance on stage with his not so furry friend Sheryl Crow. Yes, Lance was singing, if you can call it that.

John Phua and his son Matthew.

Even Bob Roll got to sing with Sheryl to the crowd.

Will, Keith Tilton, and Kelly Lenfert.