Andrew Molenda and Lance at the Yellow Jersey Ride

Lance and the Molenda Clan

Robin Williams and Steve Bartolucci

Chip and Chris Hornbeek

Bill Carson and Bryan Head in the lobby of the Hyatt. Bryan looks like he's not had enough of that cup of coffee in front of him...

Fred Drewe (right) was there as well...

Melisa (with her pet purse - <chuckle>) chatting with Bill Carson

Chris States, laughing as he tries to re-create the now infamous Pole Dance... Gas for drive to Austin - $35...  Registration for RftR - $150... Seeing Chris States' pole dance.... Priceless!

Gathering for the Friday ride from the Hyatt: From left - Dave Mitchell, Chris Hornbeek, Chip Hornbeek, Mike Terry, Jeff DalPoggetto, Bryan Head, Will Swetnam, Dave Panella, Steven Bourke, and Chris States

Another shot, after Brandon joined us - Brandon is a brain tumor survivor from Charlotte, more on his story in a few pictures, but Chris States talked with him and his mother in the lobby, and told him we would ride our Friday ride for him. Front Row (L to R): Brandon, Ken Youner, Steve Bartolucci and Joann Seaver. Back Row (L to R): Dave Mitchell, Chris Hornbeek, Chip Hornbeek, Mike Terry, Jeff DalPoggetto, Bryan Head, Will Swetnam, Dave Panella, Steven Bourke and Chris States.

Chip and Chris Hornbeek getting ready for the Friday CCC ride.

Another view of the same shot

At the Peloton Project Appreciation dinner - Steve Bartolucci, Joann Seaver, and Dave Panella.  Joann is enjoying what was billed as an appetizer - Frito pie. Fritos w/ chili on top, sprinkled w/ cheese, onions, and jalapenos to taste...

Jeanne Bartolucci and Kim Panella

Dave Panella, Will Swetnam, Steve Bartolucci, Joann Seaver

The Scots were well represented w/ these two in their kilts, it made us think again of Crawford and others who couldn't make the trip this year! Aye!

CCCer and Tour of Hope National Team Rider Jeff Tredup couldn't make the trip to Austin, but he donated his ToH bike for the silent auction to raise money for the LAF.

Back Row: (L to R) Jerry Kelly, Steve Bartolucci, Amy Molenda, Will Swetnam, Joann Seaver and Dave Panella. Front Row: (L to R) Bryan Head and Andrew Molenda

Barb Owens, Jim Owens and Dennis Cavner (with the LAF)

Lance addresses the Peloton Project members

Spencer Lueders, who had just received an award for having the most individual donor to his Peloton Project Account this year (he organized a ride called the 24 Hours of Booty in Charlotte, NC) gave his framed and signed liveSTRONG jersey to a boy named Brandon whom he had brought out as his guest to the RftR weekend.  Brandon's 1 year diagnosis anniversary was the next day, he is a brain cancer survivor.

They declared a virtual tie for the top fundraiser award. Scotty Coady (of The Tour Baby fame) and Charles Mulea (a first time Peloton Project fund-raiser), both raised $107,000 for the LAF! Outstanding!

Our own Jim Owens, the recipient of the Maxine Yonker Peloton Triumph Award, during his amazingly moving comments. He thanked Davis for the guidance and mentorship of his late father Damon (our founder), as a part of his talk. Lance then got up and said he was at a loss for words. After hearing the story of Maxine from her widower Tom, and then Jim's comments How can you say anything after such inspirational stories such as those... He continued to speak for a few more minutes to let the achievements of all the awardees sink in before Robin Williams came on. Lance also thanked Davis Phinney for his continued support of the LAF and for what Damon had done, and the CCC continues to do for survivors.

Robin Williams kept the crowd in stitches for a solid 20 minutes

After a few closing comments from Lance, the fireworks began... Roman Numerals anyone?

The fireworks were an amazing closing for an incredible evening!