Cindi Hart
Indianapolis, Indiana


To pay the bills, I am a Registered Nurse and Exercise Physiologist. I work teaching Medical staff how to use computers.

I coach Speed Skating and Cycling. I Volunteer for Special Olympics and I have been involved in Cycling for 25 years. I have raced on the track, the road and even some Cyclo cross... but that is pretty painful! (haven't really gotten the nack for remounting after the barriers.)

I am married (will be 15 years this May) to the most wonderful Man a girl could ask for. We met through bike racing and we have one daughter named Madison (yes... named after the bike race!).

I realized when I first met with my oncologist (who by the way was involved in treating LA) just how much it was important to me to be a cyclist, and how I refused to give that up. I raced through my Chemo (and won)... I am racing after my surgery... and I plan on coming out the all around champion in the competition between me and the cancer as well. So many people say how the Cancer made them stronger. The cancer didn't make me stronger... It came in and tried to steal my Identity from me. I am not going to let it. It's the people who believed in me that made me stronger. I made me stronger! God made me stronger! Not the Cancer. I will not give it that power.

Cancer Overview:

General Cancer Type: Breast

Specific Cancer Type: Ductal Carcinoma, Invasive

Treatment Summary:
Tumor reduction with 4 rounds of Chemo then a double Mastectomy (9-14-04) following Chemo. Lymph node biopsy turned up Negative for cancer! Hurray! Reconstructive surgery 12-9-04. Currently on Tamoxifen for the next 5 years.


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