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CCC contributions to be recognized by LAF 06/16/2009
We were thrilled today to receive the word that the LAF will be naming conference room after Cyclists Combating Cancer:

The Lance Armstrong Foundation is very happy to announce that we will name one of our conference rooms here at our LAF Headquarters in Austin after the Cyclists Combating Cancer group. This naming is in recognition of the amazing dedication and support of this group over many years and in particular the over $1.3M raised since 2005.

We look forward to your continued support for many more years to come. ... We will work within LAF building design guidelines to create a space that serves as a permanent recognition of all that CCC has done to help in the fight against cancer.

Thanks so much for all you do, you truly LIVESTRONG!

- Phil Hills, Executive Vice President for Development
We can't express enough thanks to the LAF for this recognition. Our members, located literally around the world, have served as inspiration to so many since our inception in 1998, We've been honored to work with the LAF and other foundations and organizations in the fight against cancer.
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Superdrome Century - 644 Laps of Lunacy 05/22/2009
Well - Will has done crazy things in the past (Leadville x 3, the California Death Ride, etc) Now he's going to do 100 miles at a local velodrome. As a part of a weekend of rides by CCCers literally world-wide, Will has 15 other similarly potentially unstable folks ready to make 2,476 left turns in Frisco Texas on May 30th. Support him by making a donation, or buying an event tee shirt. You can read about it all here: Other rides include Steve Bartolucci doing a fixed gear century on the roads of Thousand Oaks, CA; Mark Knight will be riding his fixie on the 31st rather than his normal road bike in a local charity ride; Crawford in Scotland; Scott in New Zealand; Lil in France - and many others will all be riding to raise awareness, and to help fight cancer!
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LIVESTRONG Philly Report 11/08/2006
Kenneth Youner shares the story of his ride in PA, and updates us on his treatment plans.
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Nine CCCers Selected for LIVESTRONG Day in DC! 03/27/2006
They will represent the LAF as Advocates for LIVESTRONG day on May 17th in Washington, DC. They will meet with their Senators and Representatives to help share their stories of survivorship and...
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The Passing of Dr. Martha Jack 02/20/2004
For those of you who have not received the recent letter about Martha...I'm sorry to have to tell you the latest. Dr. Martha Jack passed away on February 14th. There will be a memorial service on the 6th of March.
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CCCers Featured in LAF Video! 03/16/2003
CCCers Scott Martin and Will Swetnam answered the LAF call for survivors to be interviewed about their survivorship. The finished video was premiered at the Live to Ride Gala, and you can view it here:
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The Passing of Damon Phinney 10/22/2001
With mixed emotion we pass along the news of our founder's death.
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The Value of exercise leading up to a Bone Marrow Transplant 02/23/2001
Mike shares his preparation before his bone marrow transplant
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The First 40,000 Miles 10/04/2000
Our List-Serv modorator talks about striving to ride 40,000 within the first 10 years of his cancer treatment.
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Team Clueless at the Tinman Triathlon 08/29/2000
A great story about a first competition after treatment.
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Leadville...The Race Back [4 of 4] 08/18/2000
The fourth of four entries about Scott's 100 mile adventure at altitude.
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Leadville...The Race Out [3 of 4] 08/17/2000
The third of four entries about Scott's 100 mile adventure at altitude.
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I think I crossed a line... 08/16/2000
The narrative of a Tuesday Nighter
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Leadville...The Calm Before the Storm [2 of 4] 08/16/2000
The second of four entries about Scott's 100 mile adventure at altitude.
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Leadville...The Prologue [1 of 4] 08/15/2000
The first of four entries about Scott's 100 mile adventure at altitude.
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My first post cancer ride 07/20/2000
A memory of my first ride after cancer treatment.
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