CCC Stuff: 2018 Winter Order OPEN

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Order Open Through 20 December 2018
(Ignore the 2017 in the graphic below - too lazy to update ;-) )

On offer is a new hi-viz CCC kit, as well as two previous designs we've sourced through Champion Systems - our classic yellow leader's jersey as well as a design from back in 2009 that has always been a team favorite and a nice alternative to the all yellow jersey.

The kits have been updated to have the new LIVESTRONG Foundation logo, and we've added our founder, Damon Phinney, as the rider name on the "Most Courageous" rider number. As Damon once wrote about our jersey's design:

"We have our own yellow jersey patterned after the yellow jersey of Le Tour. Our logo is on the white patch front and back where the team logo of the GC leader of the Tour would normally be found. We all see ourselves as GC leaders in our individual races with cancer."

2018 Winter Order Process:

Rule 1: No Whining! (really)

I'm not trying to be a jerk here, I just am doing this order in my free time and if I'm at all slow in responding... see rule 1... then understand you're free to send me a reminder email (I do get distracted easily by shiney things, esp new bikes and gadgets [SQUIRRELL!!!!!!]) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

The order will be placed via the Champ-Sys Direct website and will remain open until 16 December. Visit the link below and you can begin the ordering process.

I think the best thing to do is to click through the comps to see which design you would like, then click that comp to see the garments avail for that design.

For instance, if you click on one of the images for cycling tops, you can get a basic jersey, or you can spend top $ to get a full on Pro level kit w/ flat seam stitching, etc.

Once you click to order, you'll be prompted to choose your zipper length at no extra charge(for jerseys, other options per garment), depending on the garment - there may be optional additions that may have a charge associated with them.

Once you've chosen the options, you can then indicate qty for each size/style. Race cut is closer fitting, Club Cut is more loose fitting.

Add them to your cart and check out or keep shopping.

A wide array of pieces are available: Jerseys, Jackets, Vests, Shorts, Bibs, Knickers, Tights, Socks, Gloves, Arm (and knee and leg) warmers, Cycling Caps, and a tech fabric embroidered cap. (I might not have missed one or two)

Team Order Page:

Note on the Socks:

Knit socks (as you might expect) are knitted from pre-colored yarn... these are avail as 2" or 4" knit socks IN YELLOW ONLY, because they do not have a neon yellow yarn to knit the socks to make them hi-viz... so if you want a knit sock, you're limited to the yellow knit socks from the "Classic" style...

Sublimated socks: which are a white knit sock that is then ink jet "printed" to create our design. This allows for the same colors as the jersey... These are avail in Hi-Viz and Yellow. They run a few dollars more per pair than the knit ones. They are avail in various heights from 1" -> 6"

Choosing Garments:
The great thing about Champion Systems is that they offer a wide variety of "grades" of gear; the not so great thing is how do you choose?

There is some additional info in their main site "custom catalog" pages:

Here is a bunch of info on sizing as well as info on how to choose between their various lines of product...

Materials and Chamois Options:

Chamois Options:

Sizing Charts:
Easy title that links to lots of info:

** Two options for shipping **

You can pay $30 to have your order shipped directly to you (yes, this is pretty pricey, you can always contact me and I'll ship your items to you - see below) but you won't have to wait till Austin to get your kit, and you'll not have to deal with waiting on me to get the shipment, weigh your order, figure out prices for various options, box, label and send it... but I'm glad to do this so long as you agree to remember Rule 1 (grin).

- OR -

You can choose to use "Group Shipping". "Group Shipping" orders will be sent to my house in Austin, I'll figure out shippng costs and will send them to you. Email me for pricing, etc... Then I'll get your gear shipped to you... (please remember rule 1 if I get busy and it takes a few days to get it shipped <grin> )

If you have any questions, first please re-read this page; if this doesn't answer your question - feel free to e-mail me at Be sure to put "CCC Gear" in the subject line...

Thanks and (as always) Ride to Live!

- Will

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