Celia Millington-Wyckoff
State College, Pennsylvania


I'm on the CCC list for my son Nicholas Millington (age 14 as of April 2005), who has cancer. My husband Wayne and I are the cyclists, not Nick! I'm a 55-year-old steady 14 mph road bike rider; Wayne is 50 and rides 14 mph when he's with me <grin>. We average 4,000+ miles/year with lunch hour rides, after-work rides, weekend rides, and special rides (Centuries and bicycling trips). Wayne is a natural resources specialist with the National Park Service; I'm a print materials designer for the World Campus (distance education) at Penn State, and also play in alt-country and Appalachian string bands and for contradances.

Cancer Overview:

General Cancer Type: Lymphoma - Non Hodgkins

Specific Cancer Type: Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma, a chronic, non-curable cancer.

Treatment Summary:
Nick had several years of three-times-a-week intensive photochemotherapy (UVA light treatments combined with ingestion of oxsoralen, which heightens ability of skin to receive UVA rays). Once his skin was mostly cleared, he was moved to topical nitrogen mustard, which he now applies daily to the remaining spots. The NM is currently controlling his disease.


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