Andrew Molenda
Tulsa, Oklahoma


I am happily married to my wife and we share the joy of our three kids (two boys, one girl). I work as a Quality Assurance supervisor at a major telecommunications company. I enjoy riding my bike recreationally, working on cars, and just spending time with family. Ever since my cancer diagnosis I have been active in the Lance Armstrong Foundation's Peleton Project.

Cancer Overview:

General Cancer Type: Testicular, Prostate

Specific Cancer Type: Extra-Gonadal Germ Cell, Non-Seminomous EGC

Treatment Summary:
In the Fall of 2003 I was diagnosed with a "Non-Seminomous Yolk Sac Germ Cell Tumor" primary to the Prostate. This was an extremely rare diagnosis, one of twelve known cases. Due to this, Dr. Einhorn/IUPUI directed my treatment in Tulsa. Since it was a form of Testicular Cancer, I underwent four rounds of BEP chemo, with the hope that the tumor would shrink and the prostate could be saved. When the tumor in my Prostate had not shown improvement I had a radical prostatectomy in January 2004.

In the Fall of 2004 I was diagnosed with recurrent metastatic cancer in a lymph node adjacent to the prostate. Dr. Foster/IUPUI performed a lymphnodectomy and successfully removed an unclassified sarcoma tumor. Dr. Einhorn/IUPUI prescribed 4 rounds of Adriamycin following recovery from surgery. I completed my chemotherapy in March 2005.

I am currently cancer free and under surveillance


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