The Passing of Dr. Martha Jack

Posted: 02/20/2004 by


For those of you who have not received the recent letter about Martha...I'm sorry to have to tell you the latest. Dr. Martha Jack passed away on February 14th. There will be a memorial service on the 6th of March.

She was amazing in that she always had a postive spirit and attitued as her cancer progressed. Her posts about her health, other's concers, her cats, her music, her buisness, and her progress on her family history; were always up-beat and full of information.

Her dignity in facing her disease was on par with the way she lived life. Her organization of her own affairs before she made the decision on Hospice care were amazing. I was inspired by her brave approach.

The poem she wrote and posted for so many others who passed before her is a fitting tribute, it follows this message.

- Will


A cyclist has spread to the breeze
Her CCC jersey, and heads for open roads.
She is an object of beauty and strength
As we stand and watch her, until at length
Like a wind, she is lost from our view
Where sky and horizon mingle in fading hue.

At that moment, someone cries with regret,
"There! She's gone!" "Gone where?" I ask.
"Don't forget:
  She has only left our sight. Even now
  In frame and gears and wheels from front to rear
  She is just as reliable as when by our side
  She stood, waiting for the first pedal stroke."

Her diminished size is in me, not her;
For, just at the moment we would infer
"There! She's gone!"- voices from that other Home
Are taking up the glad shout, "There! She comes!"
With God the sunset on our western horizon
Is sunrise beyond; a New Day begun.

We too must rejoice and not be sighing!
It's a glad adventure that - dying!

      - Floyd B. Allen and Martha L. Jack


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