Jim Owens
Edina, Minnesota


I am blessed with a wonderful wife (Barb) and a feisty red-haired baby boy (Max). I work in marketing & business development for a family-owned firm. I grew up in Wayzata, a suburb of Minneapolis. My undergraduate degrees are in mechanical engineering and economics (Bucknell University), and I have an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern.

My competitive swimming career began about the age of 5. It led me into running and cycling, and then triathlons. My brief moment of glory was chasing Scott Tinley and Mike Pigg out of the water at the 1989 Alcatraz Triathlon. In the past decade I have picked up Nordic Skiing, and raced the Birkebeiner and Vassaloppet '94-'98. I finally got my dream bike, a carbon fiber frame Lemond, shortly before getting sick. I am just beginning to race again and hope to ski this winter and run, bike and swim next summer if all goes well.

Cancer Overview:

General Cancer Type: Brain

Specific Cancer Type: Oligodendroglioma

Treatment Summary:
My tumor was discovered in April '98. I was training for a marathon and had a seizure during a workout. Surgery to remove the tumor was unsuccessful because it is located on top of my motor strip. Radiation shrunk it by 30% and it has remained stable since October '98. It is still the size of a plumb and I have occasional simple motor seizures that affect my left arm and leg.

08/29/2000Team Clueless at the Tinman Triathlon

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